Day Zero Project

What is ‘Day Zero Project’?
It’s an amazing little scheme in which you create a list of 101 to complete in 1001 days, and it’s as “simple” as that. I’ll update this page regularly so you can see my progress, but for an indication; all the things I have completed will be PINK in colour, currently in the progress of completing will be BLUE, and the rest will be LILAC.   

Start Date: Monday 30th September 2013 
End Date: Monday 27th June 2016

1.       Take part in a volunteer scheme aboard
2.       Holiday it with the family
3.       Go to IMATS
4.       Take the London Underground
5.       Go to ‘new’ Zoo
6.       Go to London Fashion Week
7.       Reach 100 readers (19/12/2013)
8.       Meet a well known Blogger/YouTuber
9.       Go to a PR Launch
10.   Win a Competition/Giveaway (Fanny Crowns, March 5th)  
11.   Still be blogging in 2016
12.   Publish 101 posts
13.   Make 50 YouTube videos
14.   Reach 50 YouTube viewers
15.   Meet a reader/Watcher
16.   Buy a new coat (4/10/2013)
17.   Buy MAC’s Cockney
18.   By NARS Funny Face
19.   Own a pair of Jeffery Campbell’s
20.   Pair of White Trainers
21.   Nail Polish in every colour of the rainbow
22.   Get a Tattoo
23.   Get a Matching Tattoo
24.   Buy real techniques Core Collection Brushes
25.   Get a New Phone (05/01/14)
26.   A pair of Joni Jeans
27.   Buy a Holographic Bag
28.   Gold/Sliver Casio Watch
29.   Join a gym
30.   Loose 20lbs
31.   Take part in a body detoxification
32.   Tone my Chunky Monkey thighs
33.   Donate Blood
34.   Give up Milk for 30 days
35.   Give up Gluten for 30 days
36.   Don’t eat fast food for a month
37.   Get at least 8 hours sleep every night
38.   Eat breakfast everyday for a month
39.   Keep my bedroom Clean
40.   Smile at everyone I see for a day
41.   Say yes to everything for a week
42.   Have a meal out with some school friends
43.   Make a time capsule
44.   Keep a “My day in six words” dairy for a month
45.   Give a stranger a hug
46.   Make a memory Jar
47.   Save £100
48.   Let my rabbit outside
49.   Don’t complain about anything for a whole day
50.   Keep my bedroom clean & Tidy for a month straight
51.   Completely finish a suduko  
  1. Be genuinely happy about something  
  2. Don’t complain about anything for a whole week
  3. Don’t back chat for a whole day *oops* (25/12/13) probably sooner
  4. Actually give something up for lent!
  5. Leave a post stick note in a cubicle telling someone they are amazing
  6. Tweet more; 1001 times
  7. Take part in photo for a year
  8. Read an intense book
  9. Answer the “50 questions that will free your mind”
  10. Finish writing this list -_- (30/09/13)  -such a cheat!
  11. Spend no money for a week
  12. Learn how to play a song on my flute
  13. Get a Pay pal
  14. Have 100 followers on twitters
  15. Get my teeth whitened
  16. Drink green tea every morning for a month
  17. See a Ballet
  18. Make a monologue and post it on YouTube
  19. Take part in an Instagram daily photo challenge
  20. Get Nemo on DVD  (31/12/13)
  21. Get Monsters Ink on DVD
  22. Learn a language
  23. Learn how to whistle
  24. Give up walking for a day and hop around like a kangaroo
  25. Learn how to knit
  26. Don’t tip toe for a whole day (07/0314)
  27. Learn how to drive
  28. Apply for university
  29. Get into a university
  30. Take part in the run for life
  31. Finish my portfolio
  32. Attend a protest I feel passionate about
  33. Spend 1 week without Social Platforms
  34. Get a job (01/01/2014)
  35. Tick something off the bucket list
  36. Go to a carnival
  37. Try some spinach
  38. Eat a half a grapefruit every day for a month
  39. Keep a dairy
  40. Sort my cloths out
  1. wear my prayer beads all the time for a month
  2. Meditate purposely 11 times in a month
  3. Practice the fourth noble truth the best I can for a month
  4. Go vegetarian for 30 days
  1. Spend more time with my family
  2. Spend a whole day with my mum just catching up
  3. Take my mum & dad out for a meal
  4. Help with chores I don’t usually do
  5. .Convince my dad to let me have another pet
  6. Make a proper cooked dinner for my parents

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