January Empties

This year I really want to get into the habit of using up products before I even contemplate buying a new one –it’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine! In my recent efforts I went though my beauty unit and collated all the things reaching the end of their life. I’ve never actually managed to do an ‘empties’ post before, so I quite excited! 

Fashion Favourites // January 2014

 Nasreen from Lazy Obsession // Zara
Sammi from By Sammi Ryan // Vengeance 

This year I really want to up my game in the whole blogging scenario, don’t get me wrong blogging for me will always be a hobby and nothing more –but I just want to publish better content for you guys! Anyway, before my fingers go into rant mode, I thought I would start this new things called ‘Fashion Favourites’ Featuring all the bloggers attire that I’ve been lusting over lately! No only might they introduce you to some new blogs –but also might be of inspiration, who knows! Let me know if you enjoyed it!


Diet & Fitness: Weightloss Wednesday

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Being a strong healthy individual is very important to me, both in mind and body alike; so I’ve decided to jump on the old Bandwagon of “Weightloss Wednesday” which shall not be posted every week, but rather on the last Wednesday of Every month.
Now, I’m fully aware that to most people will assume that I’m not “fat” and I’m also fully aware that I’m not “gigantic” –whatever the definition of that may be! However, I do suffer from body image problems, and it just so happens my weight is quite central to the situation.
♥ Where it began?
I’ve always been quite “chubby” as a kid; I probably made a trip down to the corner shop to stuff my face with sweets and chocolate at least once, if not twice a day –which as you can image did not do wonders to my “beyoncé tights”, if not developed them in the first place and trust me, if you don’t have beyoncé’s body, you do not want her thighs.
I’m guessing that was the start of my sweet tooth, and I do mean sweet tooth, I will and do happily much on two packets of Harribos each day and on top of that I could probably fit in at least one chocolate bar, and two packets of crisp –oh plus any little munches like biscuits around the house. Not only is that incredibly vile, it’s not going to do anything for my health. As it stands I have a painfully palpitating heart, which I assume is either down to my diet or anxiety, because if were going to be honest, both are pretty shocking.
Since secondary school, so just over a year I’ve gained 1 stone, which is so embarrassing. It shows how lazy and fat I’m actually becoming –and it’s not good! I think because I’ve always been that fat kid, in my head as soon as I see some blubber that’s more in my face than usual, it makes me feel…not down, but pooh about myself. Hopefully, but the end of this year and this program, I will be combatable enough in my own skin.
♥ What to expect?
I’m going to be following the board outlines of ‘Wednesday Weightloss’, just as some structure and direction –making the post less self-centred and more universal, with that in mind obviously, what works for me and Suzann from number 63, might not work for you and bill.
At the end of a year lapse, so just into 2015, if I have the ‘man balls’ I will actually show to the progress or lack of development I’ve made –giving you little updates and tips along the way.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 



The Nails| My Acrylics

♥ Betsy Johnson, Local Boutique & eBay 
I’ve had acrylics done in the past, but by my mum when I was like 8/9 – I know it’s a little young, but I promise I haven’t had them done since…Anyway this post has no real direction what so ever, but I just thought I’d share with you guys my nails I had done a few weeks ago –I absolutely love them!

My natural nails grow quite quickly, so I will a little sceptical about having them done long initially –but once the woman put them on, honestly I was blown away! Hannah did such a great job, I can’t wait till I finish collage in May so I can get them done again, and they have stayed on so well! 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  


Winter Warmers (Boots & Jumpers Edit.)

One –Sold Out (H&M) // Two // Three // Four // Five (Alternative)
Winter ladies and gentleman is well and truly arrived –and I’m likewise well and truly late with this blog post! Today I’m just going to share with you some “Winter Warmers” if you will; just boots and jumpers…the pretty stuff!

Boots I wear boots all year round, just because for me they are a staple piece in my wardrobe –and because I’m always cold, ha! I think a white pair of boots and a black pair of boots is an absolute necessity in any person’s attire…

Left to right: One // Two // Three // Four
Knits and Jumpers I’m a jumper kind of girl! One they look beautiful and two they’re cosy and warm. I have yet to own one, but fisherman jumpers look an utter godsend –they are beautiful! Topshop have some pretty cool ones and if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, boohoo does them to.

Hope you keep nice and warm for the remainder of this winter!  


The Big Clothes Sort Out: Stay or Throw away

(Photo taken from Google images) 
Unless you’re a nudist, there will come a point in your life when you really must sort your clothes and restore life back into your wardrobe –because if it’s anything like mine, your hinges will go on strike, and trust me when you have and brimming wardrobe and the doors won’t shut, your room will look a bomb sight.


♡ Are you taking the 'Micky'?

Dress - Primark
Tights - Primark
Transparent Boots - eBay
Bangles - Matalan 
I picked this boucle dress/jumper up from Primark whilst on an errand passing though town, it was originally £12 reduced to £7 in the January sales, there were only 4 left in stock in my Primark –so this was an extremely lucky find! I just paired the boucle with some Disney tights, which I absolutely love and of course my clear combat boots, which I wear to death!


Face of the day ◦ Bright eyed a pink petaled

As I mentioned here, the likely hood of having my head in the clouds this week is indefinite –and surprise, surprise that where it’s currently chilling and so excuse me for the briefness, but today is just a little face of the day for you!


2014Project#2| My Top Five Problematic Skin Solutions

*Please excuse my lack of oomph, I'm not a morning person!
Today I have to share with you topic two from the #blogger2014challenge, the chosen topic was skincare! So today I have a little video to share with you about my top 5 products the I use on my troublesome skin –Just to note I have extreme combination skin and I’m very prone to breakouts.

♥ ♥ ♥ 
Did you miss topic one


The Shoes| Jeffery Campbell Favourites

As you’re most likely well aware, I have a deep on going love for the shoe brands Vagabond and Jeffery Campbell –and as I share all of my materialistic life lusts with you, I gathered “Hey, why not do a post on all the Jeffery Campbell shoes that I would devote my life to, if given the chance” be sure a Vagabond one is likely to follow.


Sunday Portrait #6

Can you see the picture in the background with me balancing a balloon on my head like a genie? Yeah, once a weirdo always a weirdo!
I’ve decided to spruce up these weekly portraits and make them more into…well a portrait from with a little text to explain my on goings of course; because it’s a lot easier to take one snap of the week of myself then 100 of shabby ones and then hotchpotch-in them together right?!
You’ll just have to excuse my bare face and my massive forehead for now -It’s actually quite ironic that the last time I posted a bare faced picture onto my blog in my ‘significance of makeup today’ post I was also wearing the exact same top I’m wearing in this photo –it’s not even one I wear often at all!
Anyway, my week hasn’t been to exciting and I’ve got tons of work to be getting on with so I’m just going to skip ahead this week! But I’ll leave you with an inspiration photo and my current music ongoing…
I was thinking about this the other day, I’m not really a music person! Don’t get me wrong I love belting my heart out in the shower and whilst prancing around the house –but any background music tends to just annoy me! In reflection of that, I haven’t actually listened to anything out of the norm this week, so I’ll give you an all time classic of mine:
Finally before I go, this is the picture that has –maybe not inspired me, but touched me this month! I found the little madden on Google images, considering doing it to mine :) 


Information| Valentines Box Swap

If you follow me on twitter *ahem* you’ll probably know that I tend to write [my best] posts at unearthly hours of the morning when my thoughts are fresh and alive! On my cock-crow blog stroll this morning I came across the lovely blogger called Lucie from fat beauty x and I discovered that both herself and another lovely blogger called Samantha from mascara and cakes are hosting a ‘Valentines Swap’ –obviously I couldn't contain my excitement and signed up straight away! What’s more anyone can join up; have I got your attention or have I got your attention?
How does it work?
Simply follow this link here and it will take you directly to Samantha’s page in which she explains all the ins and outs –primarily all you need to do is follow them both on three of their social media platforms and tweet about the swap! For people like myself who are to lazy to conduct their own tweet, they have even given you a button to hit and it does it automatically *marvellous*!  

The price limit for the valentines box is £20 ‘or to the nearest penny’, I’m actually so excited to be apart of it all! Finally, I forgot to mention that this is for UK residents only –I know it bums for people who live elsewhere, but hopefully their will be a similar opportunity out there for you soon (if not already). So go on, what you waiting for? Click that link!

Could you be my Valentines?


Iyana-Nikita’s New Year Resolutions

Okay, I admit it –“I’m the biggest hypocrite to walk this earth”. Recently via this post; I openly expressed my sheer hatred for any form of New Year’s resolutions. However, a week into the New Year I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed by my lack of direction, so although I’m a little late, Here are my New Year resolutions baby!!!

Look after your hair yo’ –As you can see, my hair is a hot mess right now! I just really need to start looking after it, which means no dying, no bleaching and getting it trimmed regularly. I love the length of my hair, and the way it bushes out, I don’t want it to grow, all I want is it to be happy (yes happy) and shiny!

Get a job and save some WONGA –Unfortunately for poorers like me in this world, money is power?  That’s not correct, but money will buy me a car and that needs power right? I think it’s time to start paying my way this year, after all I am going to be hitting the grand old age if 18 in August.

Fish are friends not food –I don’t think that Nemo quote quite fits in here, but what I’m trying to say stop being so anti-social, not everyone sets out with ulterior motives. Everyone should be given a chance and whilst I’m on chances; stop giving chances after chances to the people that don’t deserve it.

Scrub up your trouble(some skin)  –A year ago I wouldn’t dear to hit my pillow without taking my makeup off, washing, exfoliating, moisturising AND apply treatment to my face. Now I’m lucky if I even consider taking my makeup of before I got to sleep –as you can see I need to fix the Fr*it Cake up!

I feel like I should be banished from the face of the earth for being so hypercritical, but to be fair I wrote that post in advance for blogger challenge (as I’m so organised -_-, one day at a time Iyana, one day at a time). Hopefully I won’t find these to challenging, so that I actually do them, but let me know of any New Year resolutions you may have?


The Video ♡ Transparent Comic OOTD

Top – Primark
Cardigan – South
Boots – eBay // Review Post 
Hey beautiful –I've decided to keep today’s post short and sweet and do the 60 second outfit of the day video that I've been seeing scooting around the old YouTube lately! As always, in still in the ever lasting process of finding a “better” angle to find and photograph such outfits! Any way I hope this doesn't diminish your enjoyment –such an odd sentence…
If you’ve published a 60 second outfit send me your link, I’d love to see? X


Sunday Summary #5

(The pout edition more like!) 
001. With Christmas done and dusted, and a whole week to play with the awesome gifts I got –which you can see here! And put together one or two outfits for my blog, so keep your eyes peeled to see how I style my transparent boots!


Transparent Boots Review

Transparent boots* via eBay 
♥ ♥ ♥ 
As you guys might know, I’ve been dying to get my hands on these shoes, from the moment I laid my eyes on them. I mentioned them a few months ago in my Christmas Wishlist, and luckily for me, my amazing mum and dad picked a pair up for me on their online travels –I’m so glad they did because they are absolutely beautiful, I love them so much!


2014Project#1 | New Year Inspiration

Today’s topic for the 2014 Blogger Project is “New Years Inspiration”. Now can we have a moment to indulge in Gabby’s intellect –How much better an idea than sharing new years resolutions, which can get a bit to personal and let’s be honest by the time it’s February I’m already looking for a new one.
I’ve collated a little collection of all the things that I wish to achieve, more directed at state of mind than materialist beings! Hopefully, this post will not only inspire me for focus and drive for the forthcoming year(s) but also you to!    
Can’t even stress enough how true this is; sometimes as humans with a heart and mind full of “emotions” our judgement is cloudy. I’m going to live this year with the attitude, what just because it’s not what I wanted, doesn’t mean it can’t be better…
This year I want to meet loads of positive people, and inspirational people –because lets be honest, sometimes it’s really hard to be “Happy” and appreciate how lucky we actually are!
Think I’ll take this to the grave with me –there are a lot of people in my life who wrongly accuse or “brainwash” themselves and each other from the truth and I think it’s time to accept it and look at it from a different perspective, because who are they?  
“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right”
-Oprah you beautiful woman of wisdom, this is definably one to live by.
We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential.” 
-Ellen Goodman, what a good quote man (was that a pun?) 

Hope you are having a beautiful holiday
Do you have any quotes to share?

A little bit of Monica: As many of you know, just under a month or so ago, I signed up to be a part of the 2014 blogger challenge –which you can read all about here! There’s an insane amount of us participating, and rumour has it we may be holding a giveaway; I’ll stop myself there before I say too much! So, it may be worthy checking out all the other girls and guys posts…