What I got For Christmas 2013 +Video ♡ ♡

Hello lovely people of the internet,
I didn’t like the format of taking a picture of my presents and then sticking them all together in one big post, so I decided I would wrap it all up in one video for you! Filming is definitely not my stronghold and editing to me is like trying to shave your legs with a chainsaw, messy! So hopefully, with your leftover dribs and drabs of Christmas sprits, you can gather enough not to judge me or my clearly disobedient hair! Lets go yo'
There were a few bits i didn't actually mention in this video and that's purely because i'm already using it! Before I leave and reside to my bed, I would just quickly like to take the time out and say another big HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who brought me something whether card or gift and all those who sent a thought my way! I love you all! 


Sunday Portrait week #4

001. In true Iyana style, I leave things till the last minute and therefore I only “started” my Christmas shopping on the Monday before Christmas eve –Let me tell you, so stressful and I swear my dad insist in being an awkwardly difficult size to find. I don’t see why men’s clothes are in waist and length; why not just say size 10?
002. Actually, before I went shopping ((worst mistake ever)) my mum for a Christmas present, decided that she’d pay to get my acrylics done as I’m not working or around animals at the mo, so I’m free to do what I like with my claws. It’s the first time I’ve ever had stilettos/claws done, and honestly it makes me do everything the retard way.
How this woman copes is beyond me?
003. And then to top that off, I came home and had to wrap the presents –how some of these women do it, is beyond me! My fingers feel foreign; I’m surprised my hands haven’t started ejecting fingers left right and centre, thinking they were sown on or something.
004. You know, I knew there was something in my last Sunday portrait that I forgot mention –I reached 100 bloglovin’ followers on the 19th? So that was a lovely pre-Christmas present. I’m considering a giveaway, but I’ll have to save a bit for shipping as I want it to be international, I know not everyone lives in the largest island on planet Earth. 
005. Also Christmas happened this week didn’t it? For some reason it feels a few weeks ago, anyway I had a lovely day as always and I hope you did two –I was considering doing a what I got for Christmas video, but there’s no point in doing it if you don’t want to see it, so let me know!

Just quickly then before I reside into my black hole of a bedroom, i would like to say a huge thank you for all my gifts and cards -I'm an extremely lucky person  in general, and at Christmas I am definitely spoilt ♥ 


TAG| How I spend my Christmas

Christmas is my favourite holiday and celebration –you probably wouldn’t have guessed since I have only briefly mentioned it in one or two of my Sunday portraits, and I published wishlist ages ago, but for some reason it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. To get in the “Vibe” I thought I would share this “How I spend my Christmas” tag!

1. What are you usually up to on Christmas Eve?
In our house hold we celebrate Christmas the German way, even though we are not German –which means we open our gifts on Christmas Eve and to be totally honest “traditionally” that’s all we do. However this Christmas eve, I’m going to spend the morning and afternoon with a much loved friend of mine…she moved out of her mums a few months ago and I don’t want her to be alone for Christmas, then I shall come back home and go to mass.
2. Who do you spend your Christmas day with?
I have two Christmas dinners which means I spend my day with twice as much people I guess!  In the morning (12’oclockish) my mother and I usually go to her grannies house and have dinner there and then my dad come and picks us up whilst we have our second dinner there –So basically, my mums aunties, uncle and cousins and then my dads, mum and dad and maybe my auntie and her children –but they don’t come down every year!
3. Do you enjoy giving or receiving gifts?
Everyone likes getting gifts now don’t they, but I most enjoy giving gifts –it’s nice seeing someone so appreciative and happy, especially when it’s all over their face!
4. What does your outfit consist of on Christmas day?
I usually “try” and make an effort on Christmas day, but last year I’m pretty sure I went out with my baby grow on last Christmas! Boxing Day on the other hand is another matter…
5. Do you enjoy shopping for your loved ones gifts?
I hate choosing things for myself let alone anyone else, so that’s an outright no! But, I do love the fact that on the last Wednesday of late night shopping my mother and I go gift hunting! It sounds quite bad but, she actually buys a lot of her stuff online, because she hates town shopping!
6. Have you ever received a gift you disliked and pretended you liked it?
I don’t think I’ve ever got a present that I don’t like, and I’m actually being honest!
7. What would your ideal Christmas be?
One where I wake up with a mini in our car park with a Bichon frise in the back labelled “I’m yours” –is it too much to ask? I don’t even want the car…
8. What is your least favourite thing about Christmas?
That I don’t have a job, so I never have any money to buy people proper gifts! It sucks…
9. What is the best gift you ever received? 
I’ve had and have so many awesome gifts, I couldn’t possibly tell you! But, I love receiving socks, that’s really sad. Next question please…
10. If you could choose one person to spend Christmas with who would it be and why? (Other than family)
This one is probably going to be quite difficult, especially as my granny godbless (My mums granny) passed away quite recently as I mentioned in this Sunday Portrait. So, I hope that despite that everyone still has an okay Christmas.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas; even if you don’t celebrate it I hope you have a magical day!
Merry Christmas,


Sunday Portrait Week #3

001. This week has actually flown by, I finished collage on Wednesday, and so I’ve had plenty of time to get ahead with the following new years assignments! Not that I’m any where near done –yet!
002. Thursday, my granny came down to visit my “biological” family, if you will and gave me a flying visit to –which was nice considering I last seen her two years or so ago, so as you can imagine it was quite an emotional day on top of other on goings which I wont explore with you today.
003. After departing, I also met up with one of my bestest friends ever Ash, which was nice as she always cheers me up! And it was good spending some time with her as she’ll be off to Uni next year. 
004. We also put out decorations up this week –we only really have them in the lounge and on our dining table, but honestly it looks so homely and ‘warm’. Although I must admit, I’ve almost eaten all the candy canes of the tree….
005. Ahead of time, but I’ve actually finished the first topic post for the blogger challenge, which is quite exciting. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s and see how they differ from one another! Eager beaver me.

006. I believe that’s all that’s happened this week, if I was going to summarise it all up; Wouldn’t be the first if I’m forgetting to mention something really important though.
My Favourite Christmas song:

My Favourite Christmas Quote:


Didn't you know it's Christmas?

Another Outfit idea post for you today –sorry to put two out within days of each other, I should of planned things out better, Hope you enjoyed!

Christmas is only 4 days away eek…  


Ready in 10, Outfit idea #2

Dress, Blouse, Shoes (variation), Beanie, Necklace  
Monsters inc. is by far the best movie I have ever watched, I absolutely love every little bit of the film –in favour of this, as the can see from the picture above, I decided to do an Outfit idea post on in it!

I’ve been a slight fan of the eternity symbol for ages now, so I thought why not match the hat the necklace ay? Thinking about it, I may even get the eternity symbol tattooed on me *hmm*

For the structure of the outfit, I picked out a Shenside shirt (monsters inc. of course) and a Shenside leather look Dungaree skirt! Both items I adore, and I think they’d go lovely with these studded vias by Jeffery Campbell, which I’ll be sure to rave about more in the near future.

What's your favourite Pixar/Disney Movie?



Fifty Questions that will Free you Mind

If you guys read my day zero projects, you would know that number 60 was answer “50 questions that will free you mind”. I though, I’d even go to the extreme of sharing it with you, ha! As it says, these questions have no right or wrong answers, so why not have a bish-bosh-bash yourself!


Sunday Portrait Week 2

001. As I mentioned last week, I have a ridiculous amount of work to be getting on with –eleven, yes eleven assignments to be getting on with! So, excuse me if this is “brief”  


face of the Day◦ Mocha to go please...

So, I've got a quick little face of the day for you! Nothing special, it was just my usual but I decided to add a black into my crease, don’t ask my why it was a little too dark and gloomy for my liking! So, I decided to put on a really dark brown lipstick…it’s not like I’m ever going to make that mistake again so I decided to take a snap for you!


Sunday Portrait Week 1

001. So, I pretty much decided last week that I was going to start doing Sunday summary, as it sounds so much better than keeping a depressing dairy about my stay at home, and avoid contact with direct sunlight lifestyle.  So wish me luck, and yourselves because I’m about as interesting as a chow mein.  

002. First up for exciting news, I’m signed up to be a part of the 2014 blogger challenge –Pretty cool huh? You have one last day to sign up! Basically, it’s a little project in which you will be sent 2 topics in which you are to write about every month –it’s a great chance to write about things you wouldn’t normally contemplate & be a part of a community, meeting new people in the process.  

003. College has been crazy the week just gone! I was away last week due to my granny godbless’s funerals as she had one in England and then one in Ireland in her home town with her husband which was really sweet. *Enough of the sad stuff* so, now I’ve got loads of catch up work to…catch up and upgrades and assignments to wiggle my fingers about.  

004. I also been working undercover *not quite, Iyana* on the current blog design, I don’t know when it will finally be finished –but I have a feeling I’ll get frustrated soon and it will be all finished, But I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.

005. I had my first interview yesterday, and my god is was awful…who’s the most awkward, non-sense making person in the world? Oh right, that would be me. Thankfully, I quite a reflective person and I can see wear I went wrong (all it mind you) and hopefully I’ll be able to adapt better in the future –pretty sure its evident that I didn’t get the job, so I will never mention this attempt in the future, at least near any.  

006. Final disappointing point this weekend, I didn’t get to go to winter wonderland! I was unbelievably excited and so disappointed that I couldn’t go and meet Islay and the others, but hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet here on another occasion. I hate responsibilities…

Panic! At the Disco –I Write Sins not Tragedies

Don’t judge me, but I’ve only discovered this band recently! I think I may of heard this song playing though one of my friends headphones or something; because I sounds so familiar…but I know I haven’t heard it, heard it before –anyway if your into “light” rock, you may just like this, I love it!    

Joke of the week:
How do you get Pikachu on a bus? *Poke-him-on*
-Curtsy of my Breeding and Genetic Lecturer, personally I think it’s hilarious.  

Favourite Video of the week:

This is the best thing I’ve seen all year, and yes I understand the guinea pig is not the one talking, that would be silly, but it’s just so funny!   

So, that's that...there may be some more structure to next weeks post -when I get my head around all this work I've got going on! 

Hope you are having a beautiful day  


Super exciting news today!


As I stated before in my Christmas Wishlist which you can have a peek at here, Christmas is right round the corner, which means the New Year is extremely close! As a part of a sorry message for screwing up the 30 day blogger challenge (which seemed somewhat inappropriate and bland if you ask me) I’ve decided to jump at the opportunity to take part in the 2014 Blogger challenge –which requires so much more commitment if you ask me, aha!

Anyhow, the blogger challenge 2014 is a little something, something that you write a couple of blog posts a month about random topics you wouldn’t necessarily consider –cool hey? It was set up by a blogger called Gabby or Anothergirlyblg on an interwebz basis.

The first post will be up around Wednesday the first I believe; I don’t have the e-mail to hand at the mo, but it sounds about right! If you want to join in with the fun, you can enter here by December 9th and Gabby should message you with the details.

I Think it will be a fantastic way to meet new people in the blogging world, there’re currently 344 participants in the moment I'm writing this post –which is mind blowing! I'm number 335!!!

Anyway, hopefully even if your not taking part you’ll enjoy the posts it has to offer! 


Currently Loving #1 ♥ Tartan

Moschino Autumn/winter 2013
I saw Islay rocking a beautiful tartan scarf a couple of weeks ago and ever since I’ve been on the hunt to find one to call my own. I’ve always been an admirer of the tartan print in green and blue, this red and black thing had never really caught my eye until, I went scarpering around the earth (slight exaggeration) to find a “perfect tartan” scarf, which I found here.
Before I sign off (oh, dear) did you guys see the Moschino autumn/winter collection? Oh, it was divine…something about the tartan print is just so British, you can take me back to the fifteenth century anytime (avoiding the cultural sensitivity, ahem). I think it will be pretty darn cool to go to an “up there” fashion event, but until that day I will just stalk the internet to reminisce about my deprived experiences.
Anyway I thought I would share with you some tartan/plaid items that I’ve been delightfully staring at, wishing they would just happen to pop into my wardrobe, maybe you’ll enjoy them to:  


2013 ▪ Christmas Wishlist for Santa

Christmas is actually round the corner, only 24 sleeps till Santa munches on my mince pie and Rudolph rejects the washed carrot I always leave for him! So, you know what that means! My Christmas Wish list to Santa….